investigating cryptid sightings




Cryptozoology is the study of legendary or mystical animals, such as Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster or Chupacabra. To track down legendary animals, as those studied within cryptozoology, is a challenging task because the information is often incomplete or unclear, and many times it can be difficult to draw firm conclusions. Cryptozoologists collect testimonies and eyewitness accounts from persons alleged to have seen the legendary beast. These testimonies can provide clues about where and when the animal may have been seen. Scientists generally discover a new species through field observations or collection expeditions. Samples are taken from individuals of the new species, including physical copies, images and other relevant data. Legends, fables and the paranormal phenomenon is generally considered to have lower priority compared to others areas of research. Magical phenomena are difficult to study with traditional scientific methodology because they are often invisible and unidentifiable. This makes it difficult to apply scientific principles as observation, experiment and repetition of such phenomena.